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STEP 1. The earlier you contact us in the lifecycle of your project the more value we can provide and contribute to the overall project.

It is essential that you engage with your builder early on before consultants and design professionals are finalising their design documentation. Whether you have a preferred team of professionals – Architect, Engineer, Certifier or you would like for us to leverage our proven and long standing industry relationships it is vital that the builder is involved in the design process. An experienced building company will be able to provide invaluable advice regarding the cost implications of chosen building systems, materials, design details and the best construction methodology for the chosen design. On majority of our builds we engage in Value Management & Engineering discussions with the design team – Architect and Engineer to determine the best and most practical and cost effective designs are implemented irrespective of the level of design. Our belief is that all people excel at their jobs – Architects at designing appealing spaces and homes, Engineers at ensuring your Structure will stand the test of time no matter the complexity of the design and the Builder who has to execute and build the lines drawn on paper to the desired budget, highest quality and timeframe. Each professional has their own strengths and weaknesses which is why we believe a team needs to come together for a common goal.

We also require that:

  • 1.1 The home/land is owned by you. Unfortunately we can’t commence any work on projects that aren’t owned by you yet.
  • 1.2 Site Survey has been prepared by a registered land Surveyor – Contour and Detail survey. This is a must prior to engaging an architect. The consultants need to have the exact dimensions and RLs of the site and any existing property as well as boundaries, any easements and slope of the site. We can provide you the details of our long term Land Surveyors.
  • 1.3 Determine the zoning of your land and speak with the Council and or a Local Private Certifier on what you can build on your block under CDC or DA.
  • 1.4 Determine your budget for the proposed project – It is important that you are clear on your budget and brief. Generally – the larger and higher end the design the more the project will cost you. You have to be clear on this with your project team especially the Architect who should be well versed in the cost of construction and implications of the design on cost. Your budget is mostly determined by your design – remember this. When deciding on a Builder many inexperienced companies might miss details on your plans when tendering/quoting and hence seem to be much more affordable than what they will be at the end of the build. Our tendering process is open book and clear with constant communication between all parties regarding the finer details. We spend a lot of hours in the office going through the drawings, reports and specifications before submitting a lengthy 30 plus page proposal. Be careful when you receive quotes that lack detail and are only a page or two long. This often shows you early on how experienced or knowledgable this builder is and the time they have invested into looking into the finer details of your project and how accurate their price and proposal really is. You may be in shock once this builder realises the finer details they have missed early on in the tendering process. The more detail in the tender proposal the better it is for everyone involved.

STEP 2. One of our experienced team members will give you a call to go through some questions to better understand your Project and requirements. After obtaining a good scope we will determine the best way forward. Depending on where you are in the Building process – Considering your options on your block of land, Early on in the Design phase, Architectural plans approved by PCA or Council – this will determine the next steps.

STEP 3. Meeting with chosen Architect/Engineer/Certifier – Once the design documentation has been completed we will be able to prepare a detailed Project Proposal and Tender. Early on with a rough brief that includes an approximate size of the build we can provide approximate costs per square metre which will heavily depend on the materials used and level of finishes as well as the Scope of Works involved.

STEP 4. Tender Proposal prepared by us and reviewed by you. We will go through our proposal and explain all the finer details to you. Anything that doesn’t make sense, we will explain. We offer many different services including ECI (Early Contractor Involvement – Consulting/Advisory), Project Management, Design & Build, Build only, Build only – Lock-up Stage (Finishes carried out by you).

STEP 5. Construction Phase – With the Building Contract signed, we are ready to procure materials/subcontractors and Establish your site for commencement of your project.

STEP 6. During Construction – we will keep you in the loop as often as you’d like. What is happening and when, if you have any last minute design changes or ideas – we can work with you to adjust while keeping the project going with minimal impact. We are flexible and work with all our clients to build exceptional projects.

STEP 7. Completion of Construction – you move in or alternatively sell or rent the finished property.

Any other questions – feel free to contact us at any time at